Yogi in the house

Photo on 2013-09-04 at 11.34 #2I’m Sarah, the yogi in the house. My first yoga class cracked me open. After experiencing a genuine connection between my mind and body, I was drawn to spiritual texts, self-help books, green juice (drink this. seriously.), and people who speak about spirituality in a very concrete, accessible way. Spirituality, I’ve come to realize, can be very cool, and something that can be particularly helpful for college students.

College and graduate school, for me, has proven to be a uniquely stressful and inspiring environment. While I got (and still get) to do fulfilling work and collaborate with passionate people, I’ve been brought to my knees by self-doubt and self-destructive behavior. As I chipped (and continue to chip) away at the seemingly insurmountable workload, responsibilities, and expectations that mark the college experience, I began to apply what I learned on the yoga mat to my life off of the yoga mat. I want to help other students, in any year of college, to do the same.

Nothing mysterious. Nothing New Age-y. It’s just yoga, people, and I talk about how it unleashes our inner bad ass-on the mat, in the classroom, and everywhere else!

Disclaimer: While I aspire to pursue a teacher training program one day, I am not a certified instructor. I’m just a college student who found yoga six years ago, and who tries to incorporate it in every part of my life.

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Email: collegekidyoga@gmail.com


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