Unleash Yourself Challenge Day 3

Okay, yogis. I gotta post this and then do some schoolwork fo real. Why have I had such a problem getting myself to do work? Hmm another post for another day.

So yesterday I got unleashed again. It happened last night, actually. I ate a little too much food a little too quickly. Feelings that plagued me during my bingeing days weighed on me again last night. But I just decided not to give those feelings-guilt, shame, unsexiness, no power over me. Instead of sitting around and freaking out (and eating over) those feelings, I went upstairs and gave my hair a sexy blowout. I reveled in brushing my hair and getting warmed up under the heat of my blow dryer. Before I knew it, my body felt normal again. I digested the food quickly because my attention was focused on something so different than everything I ate and how fat I felt. Miraculous. Seriously.

So the next time you eat a little more than your body wants, just MOVE ON. Get out of the kitchen or off of the couch and go do something that makes you feel really relaxed and good. Do yo hair. Put lotion on slowly. Read a delicious book. Do some delicious stretches. Do a 5 minute yoga video. Take some deep breaths. These things may seem small and incidental, but I SWEAR if you shift from overeating or bingeing to consciously caring for yourself, those feelings of guilt and shame (which lead to more overeating and bingeing), will dissipate. And you’ll actually be able to unleash your sexy, peaceful, all-knowing self.

Also…I put food on my face again. Wine. Honey. Greek yogurt. On my face.

Photo on 2014-02-05 at 22.47 #2

Go unleash yourself today!


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