Unleashed Challenge Day 2

Whew. I cannot turn my brain off. Real talk. I am feeling the stress of my final semester. My schedule yesterday, in particular, left me crying in bed before I fell asleep. The guilt of not getting enough done during the day, coupled with the fear of not getting enough done today, overwhelmed me.

But since I vowed to get unleashed for the next two weeks, I chose to do something active to heal my stress, guilt, and anxiety. I tapped. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) hails from Nick and Jessica Ortner (two unleashed bad-asses) and involves tapping the fingers on various pressure points on your body as you talk about what’s bothering you.

As you talk about your emotions, for example, the stress and overwhelm I feel about my workload, and tap on those points (eyebrow point, side of the eye, under the nose, chin, collarbone, under the arm, top of the head), you actually feel an emotional release. Your emotion actually decreases, or often disappears, and you are restored to a state of peace.

I’ve been using EFT for the past few weeks, particularly when I feel overcome by negative thoughts about my body. I sit myself down and tap until that sharp, intense emotion of frustration or sense of inadequacy goes away. Wowza does this stuff work. What a way to get unleashed! Check out this video by angel-on-earth Gabby Bernstein:

Though tapping has really helped me work through emotions around my body, I have to say, last night’s tapping session did not give me the relief I was looking for. In fact, I feel like it made me more stressed out because I just kept thinking so much about my workload and all of the stuff I have to do. Many, many tears were shed as I tapped. So I did feel a bit of release just from crying so much. I’ll just continue to tap on this area of my life until I do feel peaceful.

Give tapping a try. If anything, it’s another great tool to get unleashed.

Also, to relieve stress, I made another lovely face mask that I found on The Beauty Bean.

Photo on 2014-02-04 at 22.22 #4

Avocado. Oatmeal. Honey. Lemon juice. Put it in a blender. Then put it on your face.

God I want Alexis Wolfer to be my big sister.


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