You ready? Unleash Yourself Challenge

I need to get loud. Real loud. There’s this woman inside of me beating her chest to get out, to speak and scream and rile others. People could stand to be a little riled.

I’ve felt this way for quite some time-for most of my life, actually. But for the past couple of months, this energy, this desire to get unleashed has coursed through my veins with such intensity that I can no longer smother it. No longer can I stuff down this energy with food, mediocre TV marathons, fear, silence, and self-loathing. My inner wild woman will not have it. She’s ready to get loud. Now.

Which brings me to the Unleash Yourself Challenge. Does that name sound cheesy or silly or un-provocative? I don’t give a shit. Because unleashing myself from self-imposed boundaries is way more important than quibbling over a name.

My guess is that many of you feel a deep, longing desire to express yourself in some way. But you feel like you have no right to do so. Maybe you think you need to be thinner, smarter, sexier, richer, more accomplished, or whatever limitations you have imposed upon yourself. Let me tell you something: those limitations, those boundaries are complete bullshit. They’re not real. We make them up.

And even if we DO achieve our ideal weight, make more money, get into grad school, land a dream job, if we have some internal belief that we’re not enough, we’ll STILL feel shitty about ourselves. The way we shift this internal belief about ourselves that we are in some way inadequate, is to finally, finally, finally just decide that WE ARE ENOUGH. Exactly as we are. Ballsy, right?

Photo on 2012-04-23 at 23.24 #5If we continue to be ashamed of ourselves, or view ourselves as unworthy of expressing ourselves, then we will never find lasting peace, happiness, and confidence.. We will never release patterns of self-destructive behavior that hinder us from speaking our truth, cultivating our true desires, and living our purpose.

Photo on 2013-11-05 at 08.52The idea for this challenge originated from the philosophies of Alison Leipzig, Sarah Jenks, and Jamie Mendell (check out these genius women now). The idea for this challenge also originated after I slipped on ice last week. I promptly posted the following status on Facebook, and then tweeted it later:

Sisters, do not hate on your booty/thigh jiggle. It cushions your fall when you slip on ice. I know this. Grateful for my jiggle.

Right? When I fell I realized that I constantly hate on my body, when really, my body serves me in such beautiful, practical ways. Plus, my jiggle is sexy. When I obsess about what I dislike about my body, I stifle that wild woman inside of me who wants to express herself and show me how to live a crazy awesome life.

Photo on 2013-11-08 at 12.13So here’s the deal: every day for two weeks, I’m going to do something that makes me feel turned on and unleashed. Think little, simple things, with a hint of risk. One thing every day for 14 days. That’s how we make shit happen: concrete, consistent action.

Photo on 2013-12-05 at 20.51 #2And I want you to do this with me. Do what I do or do something that makes you feel a little energized, turned on, unleashed. And tell me or show me what you do. Comment on the blog, email me at, or tweet me at collegekidyoga.

I’ll document everything I do. I’m showing mine. Show me yours, please?

Imma get unleashed, peeps. Join me.


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