Unleash Yourself Challenge Day 1

I felt feisty today. A little unleashed. Unwilling to let the hateful thoughts about my body that swirl in my head control me. Part of unleashing my inner wild woman includes a bold, radical acceptance of my body as it is in every moment. I have to get unleashed from believing in the stagnating, debilitating thoughts about not looking good/thin/sexy/muscular enough. Because it’s bullshit.

So here’s what I did today to unleash myself putting stock into those hateful body thoughts:

1. Between spurts of work, I listened to a beautiful, inspiring Wellness Wonderland podcast with Alexis Wolfer. Alexis threw down about body image and eating disorders, and proclaimed something that shot straight into my heart. Her proclamation was so right on that I slapped it on a Post-it and stuck it to my computer and desk:


Unless we respect our own bodies, we can’t ask others to respect them, also.

2. Throughout the day, I placed my hands on my body and told her that I love her. I literally touched my stomach and thighs and whispered or thought to myself, “I love you. I love you.” When I had a negative thought about my body, I put my hands on myself and said “I love you.” This action, courtesy of Sarah Jenks, slowly unleashes us from the stronghold of body obsession.

DSC052993. I followed the sage advice of Alison Leipzig. In order to shift our fearful, hateful views of our bodies, we have to become aware of what we think our bodies now. Ali recommends taking a regular toll of the thoughts we think throughout the day about our body. So every hour, I jotted down whatever I was thinking about my body. Wowza. This simple action helped me get out of my head and look at my body fears straight on.

DSC05300In fact, Ali is hosting a FREE tele-class entitled “How To Stop Being Such a Bitch To Your Body.” Timely, huh? Sign up now!

Photo on 2013-09-11 at 17.37 #6Day 1 of Unleash Yourself Challenge down. Stay tuned for how I get unleashed tomorrow.


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