Yogi in the house…again!

Hello hello yogis, it’s been a while. I’m so excited to revive College Kid Yoga. Prepare for some serious throwing down about body image, emotional eating, spirituality, and of course, the yoga. After all of these months away from the blog, I’m still very into the yoga.

But I also want to spark conversation around some other topics that have been on my mind, topics that I think MANY people grapple with but feel too confused, shy, or ashamed to get loud about them. Well I say let’s get loud about them, J. Lo style.

Though I’ve taken an extended hiatus from College Kid Yoga, I haven’t completely removed myself from the blogosphere. As part of a class assignment, I started a blog called Deconstructing Dharma, where I focused on the science behind living a spiritual life in a material world. As such, my return to CKY is infused by my scientific investigation of spiritual practices. You’ll love it.

Let’s do this!

Photo on 2013-12-05 at 20.51 #2


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