I’ve been bitten

So maybe I do understand the frenzied excitement that accompanies the season of Fall. This morning, I took a crisp walk around the lake behind my house. It was lovely. Mostly because I pumped a steady stream of Destiny’s Child into my brain. But while walking, I took a look around and noticed the change in the colors of the leaves. I noticed happy, invigorated fellow-walkers in their sweaters and jeans. I felt cool, smoky air on my face.

Then, I went to a street festival with one of my roommates. The cool weather prompted me to wear my boots. This I liked.

The street festival featured art, jewelry, cupcake samples, and my chiropractor (yeah, my chiro had a booth. Because he believes in educating the community. Don’t mess), and free T-shirts. This I also liked.

Now I feel compelled to usher in this October evening with whatever it is that Fall maniacs do. Dip apples into homemade caramel? Carve pumpkins? Light autumn-scented Yankee candles? Research for seminar papers?

I know I’m late to this game, but Fall rocks.

Um, also, I saw the woman who makes me question my sexual orientation. In the flesh. For the second time in my life. See (very poor) images below:

Still relive this show. Like every day. It helps with the paper-writing.


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