How do grad students do this?

Wowza, peeps. What an intense few days for this grad student. Many words have been written and read. The images below captures how I feel after this week; clearly my ambiguous emotions run the gamut:

This helps. And this.

Also, my love for Christan mom blogs persists. These digital spaces bring me joy and contentment. The women behind them offer us an alternative way to perceive of and live in this crazy, chaotic world of ours. Check them out. Fo real.

And of course, the yoga helps me endure the weeks of heavy reading, writing, talking, and portfolio-building. For anyone looking to build a home practice for themselves (i.e. doing the yoga in your bedroom/living room/kitchen, etc.), look no further than Tara Stiles. She posts her routines all over the web. The democratization of yoga is changing the world. Trust.

A weekend of more reading and writing awaits. Also some yoga. And food. And booze.


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