It all gets done

Wowza, so this is grad school. Wowza. All good, but wowza.

Aside from working with nothing but supportive classmates and professors, I was given a cubicle. And it rocks. Because I have a designated space, outside of my house, to dig myself out of this grad school workload. Plus, my cube serves as a social outlet. With four desks to a cube, it’s close quarters ’round here (workin’ on my accent), so we students have opportunities to hang.

My desk (looks bleak, but it is mine):

I don’t have a particular objective for this post, though I feel somewhat inspired to remind you college kids, especially those who just began fall semester, that it all gets done. It really does all get done. I realize that I’m writing this at a time of year when seminar papers have yet to rear their ugly heads, but I trust that this wisdom will see me through.

Yes, our professors, advisers, etc. give us a seemingly cruel amount of work. But we choose how we react to that amount of work. We can allow that work to overwhelm us and incite within us severe bouts of self-doubt. Or we can acknowledge the assignments before us, schedule our time accordingly, and breathe. Which one sounds more productive?

It all gets done, peeps. When we force that thought into our heads until we actually believe it, we silence those feelings of inadequacy and can tackle that mountain of work AND have time to sleep. For a few hours, anyway. Trust.


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