Cookies comfort me and make me popular

To relieve a bit of stress, to make my roommates like me, and to ingratiate myself to my cousin’s friends, I baked cookies. I enlisted the help of Joy the Baker’s cookbook, for a comforting, delicious recipe that would make people want to hug me. Naturally, Joy came through for me with her Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Flattering mirror-image

Have I rhapsodized about brown butter lately? It’s simple to make and adds a complex, nutty, caramel flavor to your food. Give it a whirl. That’s an order.

These cookies rock my world. They taste like chocolate toffee. I like to think that they delight my new roommates, along with my cousin and her friends with whom I visited a swimmin’ hole. That’s right, I experienced my first, proper swimmin’ hole today. I felt sentimental and romantic. And a little unsettled by the slimy logs and river creatures.

While I strive to bring others joy and comfort with baked goods, I still find personal delight in them.

By “find delight,” I mean that I play with my food. Grad students do this, I think.


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