Celebrating August 16th

My Facebook status on Wednesday night read: Tomorrow: First day of grad school and Madonna’s birthday. Which is more monumental?

August 16th marked not only the birth of my hero/girl crush, but also my the first day of classes as a freakin Master’s student. While I felt compelled to spend the entire day evangelizing about the significant contributions Lady M has made to society, my classes took precedence. Because that’s what grad students do…I think.

Last year, I partied hard. Picture it: A warm summer day in 2011. Me, in my basement dancing like a lunatic to music video after music video. Me, subtly lip synching to even more songs at my desk at work. Me, paying homage to M in ways that should incite some kind of shame within me.

My party of 1 (I like to think M was there in spirit) rocked again. I watched a couple of her interviews with Letterman, including the one during which she shocked America yet again. Sure, she probably embarrassed herself and had quite a disconcerting effect on Dave and the audience. But that’s why I find her so disarming, people. She has no shame and feels no fear in telling someone to f*ck off.

I also enjoyed some of her old-school interviews with Rosie and Arsenio. While returning a few emails and completing my online direct deposit form for my TAship (oy), I watched Truth or Dare. In this documentary, Alek Keshishien films Madonna and her crew over the course of the Blond Ambition Tour in 1990. It rocks. I am obsessed with a particular scene in which M really expresses herself to her manager, sound technician, and others when her microphone went out on stage.

While my Madonna birthday celebration inadvertently excluded dancing wildly to her music videos, I did pay homage to her by attending a yoga class that evening with one of my roommates. Holy Lord did we do some planks. Madonna arms, here I come.

An appropriate conclusion to my Madonna-inspired day.

My classes were good, too.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating August 16th

  1. So, I watched the interviews you posted last night when I couldn’t sleep. So good! I then proceeded to watch every interview she’s done with David Letterman. Then somehow I ended up watching interviews with the Westboro Baptist Church. I don’t know how or why, but they are so infuriating!! Speaking of, did you read about Todd Akin talking about “legitimate rape”? I feel like you and I could have a whole lot to say about that. Love you!

    • I LOVE that you watched Madonna and Dave over the years. And I’ve totally lost myself in those horrifying, fascinating Westboro Baptist Church youtube clips, as well. I read a bit about Askin’s comments…and I’m completely offended. Oh yeah, we could throw down about that for a long time. I love you so much!

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