Everybody dance NOW

After lying in my mattress (yeah, I just have a mattress, not an actual bed. Don’t hate) for way too long while checking emails, taking care of logistical grad school stuff, and watching Season 1 of The Office, my body demanded that I move. By “move,” I mean dance. Dance breaks are essential, people. If we want to live productive, happy, centered lives, then we need to move our bodies throughout the day. Pounding away on a treadmill for an hour every morning will not cut it.

We need to come to a mental halt to breathe. And dance. Not only does this act rejuvenate our bodies, but it also forces us to stop our whirring, often anxiety-laden thoughts. When we catch a fearful thought process in its tracks, we regain control of our mental state. We prevent ourselves from listening to those thoughts to the point of harming ourselves (i.e. numbing out with food, drugs, not-so-good people, etc.). Plus, when we shift our thoughts to something completely unrelated to whatever usually consumes our minds, we gain clarity. We use our time more efficiently by making more productive decisions.

What do college kids want if not a way to get better grades by shaking their asses!?

So take a dance break. I know one bad-ass, savvy business-owner who often sets a timer on her cell phone to remind her to stop and dance.

During my 10-minute dance break, I attempted to copy Beyonce’s moves, just as I did in front of the mirror in 9th grade.

Set a timer, college kids. Dance it out, then enjoy increased productivity and awesome-ness.


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