The grad school years have arrived

What’s good, readers? I remain unabashedly unapologetic for my absence from College Kid Yoga. That’s right; my new identity as Graduate Student has prompted me to speak with more assertiveness, directness, and overall awesome-ness. This includes drastically reducing the number of times per day I say or feel “sorry.” Ladies, we in particular do this. Let’s not. In the words of the woman who makes me question my sexual orientation, “I am so not sorry”.

What occupied consumed my time away from College Kid Yoga? Why preparing to relocate to Raleigh, of course. I now write to you as a North Carolina resident (after I officially complete the residency process, that is). Thursday marks my very first day of classes at NC State. Prepare yourselves for even more insightful, incisive, and ingenious posts from this Master’s student.

As I’ve mentioned, yoga will play a major role in helping me survive thrive in my program. In fact, I head to my first class at Blue Lotus tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for a review.

Now, I feel compelled, neigh, obligated to share with you the wonders of Beyonce. Yeah, I know she kicked, and still kicks, major ass. But for some reason, I’ve been inundating my eyes and ears with all things Beyonce these days. That Blue Ivy is one lucky girl.

Check it:

Have I convinced you that Beyonce is the sh**? I’m pretty sure I’m late to this game.


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