Pandora, I love you

What took me so long to find the music of Mariah Carey appealing? Maybe I scorned her narrow variety of song themes, skimpy costumes that serve no purpose in her music videos,  or her vocal range that while very impressive, renders her lyrics impossible to decipher.

But over the past two days, my mild dislike of Mariah has lessened. Because of my Destiny’s Child station on Pandora. After hearing several of Mariah’s songs that I remembered, but never included in my regular playlists, my interest in her music has peaked. Clearly, homegirl’s got soul. She’s a diva who owns her sex appeal and knows that she deserves a loving, top-notch dude…like Nick Cannon. I can get down with that.

 Here are a few songs that Pandora used to win me over to Mariah’s side:





Any born-again Mariah fans out there? Because I feel you.


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