What am I REALLY into?

Christian mom blogs.

In all seriousness, this part of the blogosphere feeds my soul. I love me some Christian mom blogs.

Sure, I grew up Catholic. I made my first Communion (and abhored the white frilly dress I was forced to wear), confessed my sins to a priest, and was Confirmed (All hail Joan of Arc). However, after receiving those sacraments that the Church exalts, I don’t particularly identify with Catholicism. I feel disconnected from the faith; or at least not as wholly connected with my religion in the way that these Christian moms demonstrate in their blogs.

These young women (and they are young) have FAITH. And not just faith to their specific religion (which they don’t really reveal). Homegirls have complete, overpowering, consuming, permanent, core-shaking, grounding faith in a higher being, in God. They surrender their hearts, problems, and anxieties to something greater than them. They give Him (Her?) EVERYTHING. What confounds, inspires, and moves me to tears is not only their willingness to release every worry they have to God, but also their total, unwavering trust that God will solve it all. It is futile for us to obsess, to constantly weigh our options, to worry in the way that too many Americans worry everyday. Because God has it covered.

Of course, my small paragraph hardly encompasses the complexities of this comprehensive spiritual philosophy. But I must acknowlegde the contributions of these Christians because they offer us, particuarly we women, another way to live. A peaceful way (college kids, I’m talking to you).

What if we did connect to something greater than us, i.e. God? What if we prioritized God? What if we let God worry about our assignments, deadlines, impressing professors, competing with other students, finding jobs, and making names for ourselves in college? What if we just did our work without the mental/emotional breakdowns and trusted that we will succeed? What if we just do our sh**, then let go and trust with our entire being that God has our backs?

Lurk on these blogs. Like now.

Tiny Twig Goes out on a Limb

Naptime Diaries

Chatting at the Sky

After reading post after post on each blog, I realized that these mamas share the same beliefs as the yogis. So it all connects, folks.


2 thoughts on “What am I REALLY into?

  1. So true… I, like you, don’t identify with the religion per se, but it’s truly amazing to read about such a consuming faith in something. I think as long as people have faith in something, whether it’s God or gouda cheese, they are feeding their spirituality and therefore will probably feel a bit better as they go through this journey called life.

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