It’s coming!

The college yoga movement is nigh, my friends. It is nigh! Prepare yourselves for healthier bodies, calmer minds, better grades, harder partying, better friends, and a surge of confidence, self-love, and feelings of deep connection.

Whew, that’s a lot. But it’s possible. Because of people like Shira Engel. And me. Check it:

Last week I was lucky enough to Skype with Shira because… she interviewed me for an e-book she’s writing on relevance of yoga to the college student lifestyle!  Wowza am I vibe-ing with her.  We threw down about why yoga deserves its own movement in the college student population, what that movement looks like, and my own journey on the mat.

It was very fun and slightly tough, as I had to actually voice who I take myself to be as someone who promotes yoga to college students.  Homegirl asked some very striking questions that pushed me to articulate my views on yoga.

So prepare yourselves, college students. Because people are laying the foundations for the college yoga movement. Stay tuned.


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