Feel more, think less

Tonight I experienced one of the most rigorous and sweaty classes I’ve attended in a long time. Also, I came THISCLOSE to another yogasm. Increased mindfulness of my mula bhanda is in order. Yeah, I’m on a mission here.

I particularly enjoyed this class because the instructor took us through several fun, unpredictable sequences and poses. Like this one:

Wild Thing

This pose confused me at first, as it involved positioning my various limbs in different ways. My instructor acknowledged the awkwardness of this pose, but encouraged us to just get into it. Once we’re in it, she said, we can let our minds catch up with our bodies and figure out how we’ve positioned ourselves. A good lesson in feeling more and thinking less, I say.

We college kids rely on our minds to help us complete work and make decisions. But all of those whirring, rational thoughts often cause stress, anxiety, and intense feelings of inadequacy. Yoga teaches us to shift our focus from our thoughts on to our bodies. The sensations we feel in our bodies are concrete and real, while the thoughts our brain feeds us are abstract and untrue. So the body has much knowledge.

Let the body do its thing, then the mind can catch up.


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