Roll out of bed and onto the mat

I know that I dedicate a lot of posts to the benefits of doing yoga in the morning. Well, I write to you again in the name of sleeping in yoga clothes, setting the alarm for 7:20, and immediately driving to an 8:15am class. This is the way to do it, folks. Do the yoga before anything else. Just set the alarm, roll out of bed, and do it.

Don’t get me wrong-I revel in my yoga practice. My heart sings during class. But in order to continue cultivating these wonderful, life-changing effects that yoga offers, I have to commit to practicing regularly. I’ve found that scheduling yoga early in the day prevents my mind from telling me to sleep instead of attending class, that missing one class is no big deal, and that I can just go later in the day. If I surrender to these thoughts too often, I distance myself from yoga, which affects me emotionally and physically.

A bit of diligence helps.


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