Listen to this person’s mother

My obsession with How Sweet It Is continues. This morning, Jessica wrote a lovely tribute to her mother that kind of almost made me cry.  She lists several ways in which her mom helped her daughter avoid much adolescent/teenage angst, lessons that she carries with her today.

One piece of wisdom that Jessica’s mother imbued in her particulary resonates with me. I have adopted the same philosophy, one that liberates me from food noise and calms my mind and body.

Attn college students: Viewing food in this way will significantly decrease your anxiety levels. Eat this way, do the yoga, get As. Simple.

Check it out:


Life lesson #infinity: you don’t need to eat that entire pan of brownies today. Even because they are sitting on the counter. You don’t have to eat them all. You don’t even have to eat one. If you want three, you can eat three. But you don’t have to eat ten. Eat what you want until you feel good. Then just… stop. Or just don’t eat any. No big deal.

That pretty much sums it up. Start doing this. Now.


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