Can I just make a freaking pound cake?

I thought I learned my lesson when it comes to proper cake batter pouring. Not so. For when I checked on my most recent pound cake attempt after about 20 minutes, I found this:

Sigh. While I used a pan with the dimensions for which the recipe called, I forgot that filling the pan up all the way with batter results in some serious overflow. I did manage to rectify my mistake and ended up with a very tasty, yet ugly final product.

Once again, the authors of The Fearless Baker walked me through the Vanilla pound cake process. These ladies get it.

Personally, I think they’d find my earnest, naiive cake-batter flub endearing and kind of delightful. I know they would approve of my vanilla bean-scraping skills, a tedious, delicate process that I rocked. And I think they’d be pleased to know that hungry grad students flocked to my dessert and gobbled it.

Once of these days, I’ll figure out this whole pound cake thing fo real.


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