Family time in Pittsburgh

Cramped car ride aside, I lived it up in Pittsburgh, food and family-wise, that is. Family time included attending my cousin’s graduation, gorging ourselves on unforgettable meals, and doing yoga on the road.

Check it.

Warrior II and Dancer really ease the tension of being stuffed into a sedan for 4.5 hours.

Leinenkugel helps, too.

After my cousin’s campus-wide ceremony, we hit Claddagh’s. I ordered an epic burger topped w/Jameson sauce and onion straws. For the first time, I had the meat cooked medium rare, rather than medium. Raw-ish meat is beautiful and very, very tasty.

For a post-graduation lunch the following day, we chose Mallorca, a fun, hospitable Spanish restaurant. I enjoyed scallops with prosciutto.

A delicious meal, yes. However, I contend that the best way to serve prosciutto is uncooked, for subjecting this delicate meat to high temperatures toughens it and renders it somewhat bland.

More food porn from Mallorca:

We ordered Watermelon sorbet and Creme Brulee for the table. I salivate and start convulsing at the thought of Creme Brulee, my absolute favorite dessert. While Mallorca’s variation of this dish was a bit thicker than others I’ve tried, the chef did not disappoint.

Between dinner and dessert, our waiter served us complimentary shots of almond liqueur. I downed mine and immediately experienced its cleansing effects. My cousin never finished hers, so as we left the restaurant, I hung back for a bit and downed hers, too. Shhhhh.

Pittsburgh rocks. As does my newly graduated cousin.


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