Attention college girls: Do this!

For us young women in college (have I mentioned that I got into grad school…fully funded!?!?), we often grapple with intense, seemingly true thoughts of self-doubt, inadequacy, and fear.

We compare our minds, bodies, and achievements to those of our classmates, particularly our female classmates.  We berate ourselves for not being productive enough. Rarely do we celebrate our successes without generating another mental “To Do” list. To cope, we might resort to some destructive actions (over-eating/drinking/facebook-ing, etc.).

Or maybe this only applies to me…?

At any rate, I believe that one powerful antidote to any feelings of inadequacy that we college girls may feel is…yoga. But not just any type of yoga. Vinyasa. Seriously, ladies, really hot, fast-paced, sweaty, visceral, intense yoga, imbues you with gut-penetrating feelings of confidence and sexiness.

I experienced this today in a morning vinyasa class. Mostly because I had to shift my attention from my thoughts (negative and manipulative) on actually doing the poses. Rather than obsessing about grad school details and how much fatter I am than girl behind me, I focused on the poses themselves. Because I had to. A vinyasa class calls on the speed, power, and grace of its students, so what other choice did I have but to just ignore my whirring thoughts (which just slow me down) and concentrate on properly taking each pose and following the teacher’s instructions?

By shifting my focus from my mind to my body, I started to feel confident and sexy, feelings that always lie inside of us-we just have to remember that they are in fact there.

So, my fellow female college students, do some vinyasa. Like NOW. It’s a fast way to remember that you’re actually brave, productive, and more than adequate. I speak the truth here.


2 thoughts on “Attention college girls: Do this!

  1. Hahah that does not only apply to you…and thanks for the reminder! I am having trouble finding affordable yoga away from college but your call for vinyasa is a reminder that my stress still needs to be managed, so the search must continue 🙂 Thanks

    • I’m glad I’m not alone in that feeling! Yeah, keep searching for yoga that suits your needs. I’ve just found that vinyasa particularly gets us out of our heads and into our bodies, which helps we women especially feel confident and centered. There are a TON of free yoga tutorials and classes online if you’re looking to save some cash. Affordable yoga is definitely out there. Thanks for the comment!

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