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While my recent trip to North Carolina was less productive (in my opinion) than I hoped, I must acknowledge several points of productivity that my mother and I experienced:

1) We familiarized ourselves with the city of Raleigh and the NC State campus (and off-campus). Armed with nothing but a few Mapquest/Google Map print-outs, we slowly but surely learned how to navigate the area. Sure, a GPS might have eased some stress, but I contend that we have a much richer, lasting knowledge of how to navigate the city because we relied on our own minds, rather than desperation-inducing technology to find our way.

2) We drove by (twice) the yoga studio that I will be patronizing on a regular basis. Holla Blue Lotus!

3) I discovered the wide variety of coffee beverages sold in McDonald’s. Who knew? I enjoyed this (Iced Caramel Mocha, I think?) on our trip down, partially because I needed some sugary comfort as I grappled with bouts of anxiety/exhilaration regarding my pending move to NC.

All in all, we in no way wasted our time on this spontaneous journey to find housing…even though housing we did not find.


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