So that’s how you do it

I collapsed in yoga this morning. Allow me to rephrase that. I fell out of a pose in a gentle, though very clumsy and awkward way.

I was in this:

I flipped over into this:

I managed to do this (with the help of my very tiny and very strong instructor):

I could not, however, figure out how to release the above pose, Wheel, and return to the first pose, Three-Legged Dog. I’ve gotten myself into this situation before. Usually instructors find me struggling and confused as I try to flip myself back over to Three-Legged Dog, so they just grab my torso and pull me up.

Today I just collapsed onto my mat. I had no idea what to do once I was in Wheel, so I just lowered myself…clumsily. The second time the instructor took us through this sequence, she explained what to do after Wheel and helped me flip back over. Her advice completely eluded me, causing me to wonder if my brain functions at a lower level when I’m upside down.

I turned to my yoga hero/general bad-ass Tara Stiles. Here’s her two cents on the whole flipping your Dog and taking Wheel sequence:

My brain managed to wrap itself around this advice. We’ll see yogis, we’ll see.

Also cannot stop dancing wildly in my car to this and this. Don’t hate.


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