One delicious smoothie

This morning, I awoke from an oddly restful sleep during which my left foot was iced and elevated due to a yoga-induced (I think) sprain. Also this morning, I craved something sweet and substantial. Because I’ve dedicated myself to eating exactly what I want, when I want, I spent several minutes deciding what foods would truly satisfy me. Peanut butter came to mind…maybe something smooth and refreshing…sugar of course.

One of the coolest foodies around, Joy the Baker, appeared to me King Hamlet-style (I hallucinate when I’m hungry), and guided me to her Peanut Butter, Banana, and Oat smoothie.

I concocted this recipe several months ago, and used dates instead of honey as the sweetener. At the time my new purchase of a bag of dates thrilled me, so I used them any chance I could. But I think using honey (as specified in the recipe) created a more even sweetness and smoother texture. I love my dates, but in this smoothie, honey triumphs.

After my first sip, I knew I chose my breakfast wisely. I gave my body exactly what it wanted, an action that builds confidence and self-trust. Once again, I was reminded of food’s healing properties.

Mad props to Joy for writing this recipe. And to myself for making it. And reveling in it.


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