That’s how it is sometimes

I, for one, am very tired this morning. Pandora helps. Also, it’s Friday.

I’ve come to realize that when I write about yoga classes that I attend, I usually rhapsodize about the infinite physical and mental benefits of yoga. I rave about how pure, light, and renewed my body feels after class. While I’ve penned some pretty scathing reviews of Bikram classes, I mostly write very positively about my experiences on the mat.

To that end, I feel compelled to acknowledge times when those feelings of inner and outer loveliness have not consumed me after class. Those moments deserve the same attention in College Kid Yoga because they are equally important. Any emotion or sensation we feel is appropriate and fine simply because they are part of our experience as human beings. I know that sounds heady, but stay with me, peeps.

Last night, I attended my usual Thursday night yoga class with an awesome, challenging instructor. Throughout class, however, I felt angry and overwhelmed by everything my mind was telling me I have to do in the next few days and months. I struggled to shift my focus onto my breath. My body felt heavy. I could barely lift myself from Chaturanga to Up-dog. I grew annoyed by those around me.

Not much changed for me after class. I felt proud that I did something good for my body, but my feelings of anger, frustration, and stress persisted. I didn’t try to assuage them. Maybe I didn’t want to. I just acknowledged that I was pissed. Because that’s how I felt. How can we tell ourselves that what we feel in any moment is wrong when for whatever reason, that feeling just arose in us? I believe that anything we feel is not only okay, but right.

So peeps, sometimes we don’t feel renewed, pure, or somehow enlightened after great, sweaty yoga classes. Sometimes we just feel pissed.


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