If you just smile

This afternoon, I enjoyed a very sweaty, incredibly wonderful yoga class at Lifeline Power Yoga. I had a chunk of time between an appointment and a meeting, so I booked it to a 60-minute heated vinyasa class. My body felt strong and ready to work, so I took full advantage of the challenges the instructor presented to us. Plus, I saw two cute boys behind me, so I tried to impress them in a look-what-I-can-do-with-my-leg kind of way. My body felt good, a feeling that all women should cultivate for themselves.

While I’ve enjoyed many classes like the one I took today, I felt particularly inspired and energized by the instructor, Robin. Because she smiled. Constantly. Genuinely. I could tell that she loves translating her own experience with yoga to her students. She certainly challenged us by having us take several poses on one side of our bodies first and the same poses on the other side, rather than having us take poses on our right side, then our left. During moments when my right thigh muscles tired from holding four intense poses in a row (Warrior II, King ChairCresent Lunge,  Queen Chair), I looked to Robin. Her smile (not a sadistic one) gave me a shot of strength and a feeling of lightness that I used to help ease the discomfort I felt. I felt like her smile derives connection to her own yoga practice, and teaching yoga allows her to truly serves people.

Robin taught a rigorous class, but to me, her constant smile distinguishes her from the other instructors I’ve had. What a simple, revolutionary technique that we can all use in yoga.

Just smile. If anything, it eases the almost unbearable burning sensation in your thigh muscles.


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