Because baking even MORE cookies makes sense, too

After a raucous dinner during which my family and I debated the talents of The Beatles v. The Rolling Stones, I baked Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies from the How Sweet It Is archives. I reenacted my night of churning out dozen after dozen of cookies last week, so I flipped on some Stones and got to work. And by work I mean dancing in the kitchen in an unrestrained, slightly hazardous fashion while fantasizing about being Mick Jagger’s Ruby Tuesday.

Back to the cookies. Brown butter is a revelation, for it enhances any recipe with its slightly nutty, caramel flavor. Check it.

Also, I forgot that we were without chocolate chips, so I improvised with some Easter candy and a few pieces of expensive Green and Black’s chocolate I purchased yesterday from MOM’s.

This novice baker failed to cut the chocolate in adequately small pieces, so the big chunks in the cookies quickly melted and burned while baking, causing the oven to start smoking.

Fortunately, I salvaged most of them, saved a few for myself and the family, then brought the rest to a friend’s house.

Overall, these are tasty, unique, substantial cookies…though I’d like to remake them using appropriately sized chocolate pieces.


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