Pre-Yoga Yummm

Before I trek over to an 11:30 vinyasa class, I’ve decided to document my breakfast. After retrieving my beautiful, newly repaired Macbook from the Apple store, I parked myself in Starbucks to get some food and do some Macbook-ing before I book it to yoga.

Because EVERYONE wants to know the minutia of this yogi’s life, here is how I’m currently fueling my body before a rigorous yoga class:

My body craved a spinach and artichoke quiche, washed down with hot chocolate. Since working on healing my relationship with food (more about this in a future post), I’ve eschewed all food rules and labels. Instead, I’ve devoted myself to consuming exactly what I want, when I want. I tune into my body and choose the foods that I’m truly craving and stop eating when my body feels full. This works, peeps.

After a few more sips and bites of this lovely breakfast, I’ll meet my brother at an awesome studio and do the yoga.


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