Because baking cookies late at night just make sense

The title of this post served as my Facebook status at 10:19pm on Sunday when I commandeered the kitchen and baked dozens of Chewy Brown Sugar cookies from The Fearless Baker. I planned to whip up something sweet for a friend’s birthday, but as soon as I tasted my first batch of these babies, I simply had to continue making them into the night. Of course I blasted Madonna’s new album (MDNA-GET IT, peeps) throughout the entire process. Then my dad subtly decreased the volume on the family stereo before going to bed, though he understands that his daughter cannot abide baking without wildly dancing to the songs of her lady crush.

Back to the cookies. Wow, Fearless Baker authors Emily Luchetti and Lisa Weiss know what they’re doing. Their Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies recipe should be a staple in all kitchens, for the final product was weak-in-your-knees good. The cookies taste like buttery caramel with a bit of a kick to it, thanks to the molasses. They speak to my soul and I almost reacted to the incredibly pleasurable taste in a Sally Albright-ish kind of way.

I gifted about 10 of these to my friend/kickball teammate Amy for her birthday, then gave the rest to hungry students in a grad class I’m auditing. Smiles and tears of gratitude (am I exaggerating?) abounded as I gleefully passed around my Ziploc bag of these babies. They made me queen.

Who knows why this recipe touches people (maybe just me) on such an intimate, primal level. Maybe it’s because I made them while channeling Madonna. Or because of my innate love for giving people pleasure through food translated into them.

Actually, I’m thinking it’s the bad-ass intelligence and wisdom of experienced bakers Luchetti and Weiss. Homegirls know what’s up.

Also still obsessed with this.


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