Not only do the yogis debunk the myths we Americans have been fed about health, fitness and spirituality, but the chiropractic community advocates for individuals taking responsibility for themselves, as well.

My chiropractor (also my mom’s boss) posted a flyer around his office with a pretty provocative message.

Check it:

I take Aspirin for the headache caused by the Tigan I take for the nausea I get from the Evoxac that takes care of the dry mouth caused by the Lunesta I take because I can’t sleep due to the Ritalin that helps me with my hyperactivity due to the Dimenhydrinate I take for the dizziness caused by the Beta Blocker I take for my high blood pressure because exercise, a good diet, and regular chiropractic care is too much work.

Powerful, huh? I should qualify that I (along with my chiropractor) in no way believe that pharmaceutical companies and the drugs they distribute are inherently destructive, evil, and useless. In fact, many people need conventional medications to survive and thrive.

However, I cannot abide our country’s OVER-dependence and casual reliance on pharmaceuticals to remedy our every physical or mental problem when movement, whole food, and other holistic modalities significantly relieve symptoms and improve our quality of life without the dangerous side effects that drugs cause.

I could easily get on a soapbox about this subject, but I’ll spare you my impassioned lecture.


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