Happy Birthday, CKY!!!!

Thanks to a reminder from Will Danger, I realized that mid-February marks 1 year since the inception of my little blog in one awesome professor’s class. After dancing to 45 minutes of Madonna music videos in my basement, which I do on a fairly regular basis, I decided to reflect upon my year of writing in the blogosphere…especially since I’m visiting my professor’s current blogging class tomorrow to throw down about maintaining a blog.

Let me gush a little:

-I’m quite proud of the voice and identity I’ve cultivated with College Kid Yoga. I make careful, deliberate, and conscious choices in my content and diction, which I think conveys that I treat the topic and practice of yoga seriously (but I keep things fun). I inform myself of and insert myself in the conversations occurring in the yoga community, which I think most of my posts reflect.

-I like that I’ve limited my blogroll to only the blogs and websites with which I truly want to align myself. These are people with values, philosophies and missions that I share and support. I like to think that my blogroll offers readers an accurate snapshot of my beliefs in regards to yoga, and holistic, healthy living.

-I have to say that I get a kick out of myself in each of my posts. I think that I’m a strong writer and serious yogi, but I also think that I’m likable and fun. While I was hesitant to rely on images to convey a message or to entertain/inform my audience, I’ve realized that taking funny pictures of myself or documenting a certain yoga/baking/cooking adventure actually enhances my posts. Plus, images attract readers.

-My investment in cultivating an authentic blogging identity has helped me form meaningful relationships with fellow bloggers. Between commenting on blogs I follow and using social media to promote CKY and connect with other yogis/bakers/health-conscious 20-somethings, I’ve become friends with a few cool, like-minded folks in the digital world.

Some thoughts for the future of College Kid Yoga:

-I’d like to focus on expanding my “Yogi in the House” page. Right now, it features the same “About Me” paragraph that I wrote when I started this blog. However, I gravitate towards blogs containing an “About Me” page that offers readers more of a narrative of the blogger’s life. I want to discuss my history/journey with yoga and why exactly I’m writing to college students. Also, I need to update the image in that page.

-I’m also interested in writing about a few serious issues that I’ve dealt with as a college/future grad student-stuff revolving around body image, food drama, and spirituality. I hesitate to delve into these parts of my life because I want to present them in a serious way that can potentially help readers who might be able to relate. I’m scared of sounding cliche and superficial.

I’m sure I have other blogging aspirations with College Kid Yoga, but that’ll do for now, peeps. If you’re feeling sentimental, take a look at my very first blog post 🙂


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