Do the yoga…when you can

Confession time, yogis. I have only attended one formal yoga class in the past two weeks. Sure, 14 days may seem like a brief hiatus, but for someone who rhapsodizes about the benefits of yoga on a daily basis, two weeks feels like a lifetime (one of my MANY lifetimes, according to the yogis).

I reminded myself that attending regular yoga classes is not the only way to incorporate the physical practice of yoga into my life. We do not need fancy clothes, accessories, or even classes to do yoga. We can do it ourselves, anywhere, anytime. Yoga is always here for us.

So, while waiting for my hair straightener to warm, I decided to do a few planks. No, I did not lie face-down and motionless atop some awkward surface. I took three, 1-minute Plank poses. I focused on breathing deeply and bringing my awareness into my body by slowly rocking back and forth in the pose. After my three minutes of yoga, I felt renewed.

We can do the yoga, people-anytime, anywhere.

Peace out!


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