Oh yeah…

While rummaging through iPhoto a few minutes ago, I came across several pictures from New York Cit-ay! For some reason, I forgot to blog about the trip to the Big Apple my brother and I took a few weeks ago. With the help of my hilarious, smart, and cool blogging friend, my brother and I crafted an itinerary that kept us hustling and bustling for our day in the Big Apple.

We first stopped by City Bakery. As Sofia recommended, we tried the hot chocolate with marshmallows. Home-freakin-made marshmallows. Say what!? Homegirl is on her game as a foodie (and yogi) in New York because I could have bathed in this stuff.

Then, we randomly hit up Dean and Deluca so I could buy the key limes that I searched for almost EVERYWHERE back home. Usually my local organic markets/healthfood stores stock key limes, but alas, in the middle of winter, I suppose they’re harder to locate.

And in true College Kid Yoga fashion, we attended a tough, sweaty, and completely awesome…yoga class! Yes, for the forth time, I visited Strala Yoga and hung out with Tara Stiles and her peeps. Much like the first time I attended her class, I could barely contain my excitement. I tried to play it cool, but I simply could not wipe the embarrassingly large smile off of my face.

Yeah, I was pumped. Tara and her husband Mike cultivate a warm, inclusive atmosphere at Strala, filled with wonderful and knowledgeable people like Heidi (far left), another instructor. She rocks.

Classes at Strala offer students a unique yoga experience. Instructors guide students and challenge us to breathe through tough poses. Tara had us hold Warrior II for 1 minute on each side and Plank pose for 2 minutes (I rocked them btw). Tara referred to holding these poses for an extended period of time as meditations, which speaks to Strala’s chilled-out philosophy that staying calm and present during times of stress helps us achieve greatness. I respected Tara’s choice of words here. Rather than phrasing these moments as something to get through or conquer, which could have led us to dread every second we held them, she constructed them as opportunities to pause our whirring thoughts and focus on our breath. Respect.

After stumbling onto the streets donning our post-yoga glow, my brother and I hopped on the subway and headed to Queens to visit my friend, Blaire. Blaire showed us around her neighborhood, took us to a delicious pizza place, then gave us a tour of her apartment.

Then it was time to book it to the Megabus and return to Baltimore. Nothing like a day in NYC to feel renewed and inspired!


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