Special little helper

This yogi deserves a gold star. Tonight, I assisted in a workshop at my mom’s office, Family Chiropractic. The topic of the workshop? Yoga, of course.

Levi, one of my favorite yoga instructors, spoke about the ways a regular yoga practice (of any level) helps us calm our minds, strengthen our bodies, and cultivate wellness. I particularly resonated with Levi’s point that yoga does not eradicate our problems. Rather, yoga helps us deal with the stress and problems that inevitably arise in our lives. Yoga teaches us another way to react to obstacles, a way of peace and acceptance instead of suffering.

From a college kid’s perspective, we can use yoga to approach the massive amount of schoolwork and responsibilities looming over us with a grounded, centered mind. Practicing yoga will not by any means shrink our syllabi or decrease the number of projects for which we are responsible. However, we can choose to accept the fact that our schedules are full of deadlines and assignments, then budget our time accordingly. If we approach our workload with a chaotic mind and a fear of failing to complete everything we have to do, then we use our time and energy less efficiently.

To help Levi champion his message to the good people of Family Chiropractic, I demonstrated a few poses (Warrior I, seated sun salutation, seated twists) while he discussed proper alignment and breathing.

Sure, I felt slightly nervous about breathing deeply and bending/twisting my body in front of a decent crowd of people packed into a small room. But to help spread the word of yoga (and to help inspiring and passionate instructors), I’d pretty much do anything.

So give this special little helper a gold star!


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