Starving college kids? I think not.

Greetings fellow yogis (and soon-to-be-yogis). Wow, I notice more and more that I need to design some kind of blogging schedule to ensure that I actually generate content for College Kid Yoga. My sincerest apologies.

Today I’d like to share with you an appetizing and pertinent article from Best Colleges Online, a fantastic resource for any current, future, or recent college student. While Best Colleges Online features updated and comprehensive information on how to professionally succeed in and out of the classroom, it also acknowledges that part of the college experience includes cultivating a social life. In this article, staff writers pay homage to something around which many of our college memories revolve: FOOD.

The writers list 30 college eateries around the country that have established reputations for feeding masses of hungry students for a long time and/or in unique ways. And check out who’s been named as housing the third most iconic pizza place in the United States. My Alma Mater!

God knows I never starved in college.


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