Warm, sunny day in… January?

Sure, the tides may be rising and our 4 seasons may be dwindling to 2. But when mild, bright days like last Saturday roll around during a month usually reserved for bitterly cold temperatures, how can we demonize global climate change? In the words of Kenneth Parcell, “Global warming? Sorry sir, that’s just scientist talk.”

In celebration of the unusually warm weather (or was it?) last weekend, my friend Jenna came up with the brilliant idea of having a picnic by the bay…or a tributary of the bay. We enjoyed a lovely, quiet afternoon of picturesque views, Trader Joe’s and homemade fare, and scintillating conversation (What are we going to do with our lives!?!?).

For dessert, I baked blondies from The Fearless Baker, one of my bad ass Christmas presents. The blondies served as a sweet, chewy addition to our picnic lunch.

Jenna, God bless her, contributed dishes containing actual nutrients: carrots and hummus, sliced oranges and grapefruit, and some greens.

What better way to welcome this new, ominous year than with a delightful bay-side picnic on an eerily warm January day?


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