Straight up yoga

Yet again, I awoke with a strange surplus of energy, ready to attend a pre-Christmas vinyasa class. And I rocked it.

The instructor bounded into the room and said, “Get ready, because I am going to FLOW YOU.” Fortunately, my week of crazy energy helped me rise to her challenge. Wow did she work us. She talked about pushing past our limits, our comfort zones in order to find our power. Who knew that I had it in me to take 3 fairly long Wheels in a row? By the end of class, about an inch of sweat covered my mat. Nice.

I felt so pumped for yoga this morning that I barged into my brother’s room and forced him to document my hard-core demeanor.

And then I forced him to pose like a G.

That’s how we roll.

Do the yoga, people! I’m serious.

Still buzzing with energy. Maybe I’ll do something productive with it.


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