Got my nails did

I dedicate this post to yet another dose of shamelessness enveloping me at the moment. A manicure was on my agenda this evening, thanks again to my mother’s generosity. I am in LOVE with my festive nails. And I will extol my love unabashedly.

I entered the salon with the intention of straying from my childish funky nail polish preferences and selecting a mature color. Ha.

As soon as I laid my eyes on OPI’s “Glow Up Already,” I lunged for the bottle.


I also chose OPI’s “Curry Up, Don’t Be Late!” which served as my bottom color.


This combination delights me. And excites me. And gives me yet another reason to get a kick out of myself.


Yes, I am aware of Photobooth’s inability to capture the articulation of detail and true essence of my awesome manicure. I am also aware of my lack of desire inability to use more sophisticated photographic technology to capture said essence.

No apologies from this yogi. I’m just feelin my nails.


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