Just doing my part

Bad news: I overslept and missed the yoga class I planned to attend this morning.

Good news: My decision to stay up late last night polishing my personal essay for Carnegie Mellon paid off. I sent the bugger off today!

More good news: Sleeping through this morning’s class gave me the chance to practice at home. And save a few bucks. I rolled out my mat amidst our boxes of Christmas decorations, flipped on a recording of a past class, and got to work.

While I prefer to do yoga in a formal class setting with the fun and motivation that instructors and classmates offer, I enjoy the convenience and comfort of a home practice. I feel braver advancing in poses and trying new ones without others around me (not that anyone really watches you in class). Also, it’s nice to just roll out of bed with sloppy hair and bad breath and roll out my mat.

After my homemade yoga, I hopped on the treadmill and enjoyed 20ish minutes of my own cardio creation. Basically, I do a sort of sideways gallop-1 minute facing the left, 1 minute break, then 1 minute facing the right. After every set, I slightly increase the speed and incline. And listen to Brit’s “Criminal” for the thousandth time.

Later in the day, I commandeered the kitchen and whipped up lunch for my friend Jenna to take to work with her tomorrow. She will enjoy (hopefully) Bethenny Frankel’s Ultra Healthy Mexican Chili, Layered Autumn Quinoa Salad from How Sweet it Is, and a lemon square, courtesy of another friend.


Quinoa and dressing:

I reveled in spending my afternoon/early evening making food for one of my best friends. I loved preparing a healthy, nourishing meal for her. She’s dealing with some major stress at work right now, so I thought it only fitting to use my current unpaid employment status to help her out.

Plus, I got to crank up some tunes and dance like a weirdo. In a particularly energetic (and somewhat inappropriate) round of dancing to the History of Rap (part 2), I realized that I still had a knife in my hand.

Then I thought it was time to calm down.


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