Yoga works, people!

Good morning, fellow yogis (and soon-to-be-yogis). While struggling with a rather uncooperative grad school application last night, I came across this very inspiring testimonial for the health benefits of yoga, written by one of my favorite professors, Dr. L.

I owe Dr. L a debt of gratitude, for she required her students to create their own blogs (an appropriate element of her syllabus for a course entitled, “Writing for the Blogosphere”). Yes, if it wasn’t for her class, the world would be without College Kid Yoga and my truly innovative musings on down-dogging it up and cookies.

Anyway, the folks at Willow Street Yoga Center feature her journey toward significantly better health in their winter newsletter. If you ever doubt the visibly transformative power of yoga, read this NOW. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to check out her funny and critical blog, Roxie’s World.

Hizzah for yoga, brothers and sisters!


2 thoughts on “Yoga works, people!

  1. Hey, Sarah, thanks for the shout-out! Moose is delighted to have given you the incentive to launch College Kid Yoga, but you get all the credit for making it great and keeping it going. So glad that you are still “writing for the blogosphere.” And, yep, yoga WORKS, people. Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

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