I write to you while working on my Carnegie Mellon application. It is not going well.

To prevent my negative thoughts from completely ravaging my mind and sending me into a spiral of self-loathing, I’ve enlisted the help of these cats:

I am unashamed to admit that at 13yrs old, I harbored lustful feelings for Snoop. Loved his voice, hair, gangly build, and general hard-core, gangsta nastiness. Even today, at 22 years old, Snoop continues to intrigue me. Again, I am unashamed.

Also, these guys help me through the tough times:

When I feel stuck while writing my personal statement, or on the verge of a meltdown regarding what the heck I’m doing with my life, I vibe with Jimmy Fallon (very funky and cool in his own right), Justin Timberlake (is he bringing sexy back or what? Homeboy is fiiiiine), and The Roots.

When I actually experience some sort of productivity on this pesky application, I turn to the simple, melodic tunes of Arvo Part.

Some more shamlessness: My wonderful friend (since elementary school, people) Liz plugged College Kid Yoga in one of her recent blog posts, Read her story. She inspires.

Also, pay special attention to her compliments about me. Shameless.

And because the theme of this post is shamelessness, I’ve exploited Photo Booth to document my emotions surrounding this whole application process, as well as my laughable excuse for a hairstyle:

No apologies.


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