Show that exorist some love

Funny how when we try to better ourselves in some way, opportunities to do so IMMEDIATELY present themselves. After throwing down with a Buddhist monk last night, I determined to feel more compassion for people-to benefit myself and others. And today, someone sent me an article about Father Gabriele Amorth, president of the International Association of Exorcists (who knew), who lambastes yoga for promoting “a false belief in reincarnation.”

In other words, homeboy views yoga as the work of the devil.

As someone who believes that if everyone in the world does a little yoga on a regular basis, we can achieve world peace, I seethe at Padre’s comments. But then I remember what I learned.

Fr. Amorth actually presents us with a beautiful opportunity to dig deep, find the compassion that exists within us, and extend it toward him and his vitriolic statements. Maybe if we close our eyes, imagine standing in front of Fr. Amorth, and viewing him as just another human being, another body or spirit like us, then we can cultivate some kind of warm, friendly feeling toward this dude.

Maybe if we strip him of his status, his beliefs, and his judgments. Maybe if we just get raw with him, we can connect with him and view him and ourselves as one. Doing this might help us access our compassion for Fr. Armouth, something that will not only send him some good vibes, but provide us some relief from carrying anger/frustration/annoyance about his statements. And the sooner we do this, the better.

So you’re going to take my compassion, Fr. Armouth. And ya gonna like it.



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