All hail the snickerdoodle

Happy holiday season, fellow yogis! Hope you enjoyed family, friends, food, and yoga on Thanksgiving. I know I did. Stay tuned for a post on a post-Thanksgiving breakfast I cooked for my friends. I reveled in nurturing them with delicious, whole food. Glory was mine.

As for this post, I meant to write about this a week and a half ago because about a week and a half ago, I once again ransacked the recipe archive over at How Sweet It Is and whipped up something special.

Snickerdoodles. Fat, fluffy snickerdoodles.

This recipe is inspired. I’m not sure how Jessica does it, but the way she selects and combines ingredients changes lives…especially with these snickerdoodles.  My entire body weakened as I took my first bite.

Creamy, thick consistency. Whispers of cinnamon. A tongue-tickling texture.

If you’re jonesing for a few steamy minutes of sensual awakening, then bake these suckers ASAP.


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