Creed Bratton would be proud

Who works in Scranton, P.a. and enjoys sedative effects of the hemp plant?

This guy!

I felt the spirit of The Office’s Creed Bratton smile down on me this week because I recently incorporated a superfood into my daily green smoothie this week:

Hemp seeds!

Courtesy of my internship boss, these babies contain chlorophyll, cleanse our organs, support brain activity, and contain all essential amino and fatty acids. For the past few days, I’ve blended them into my morning green smoothies.

While the hemp seeds add a slightly grainy texture and earthy taste to my morning drink, which turned me off at first, they boost my energy and satiate me for a long period of time.

The versatility of hemp seeds knows no bounds. Sprinkle them on yogurt and smoothies, or blend them with water to make nut milk. In fact, incorporate them into any dish at all. Experimentation is the spice of life, as Mr. Bratton might believe.

I guess Wacky Weed Creed knows what he’s talking about after all.


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