The Bikram bashing continues

I realize that I have discussed eviscerated Bikram yoga several times here on College Kid Yoga. I realize that my abomination of this practice might offend or annoy readers (the few who visit my tiny corner of the blogosphere). Yet I am here again with a short article regarding the hazards of Bikram yoga as a practice and as an empire.

In “Bikram Yoga: the bad and the ugly,” Rebecca Stern writes about the serious health risks involved in a regular Bikram practice and substantiates her claims with qualified medical research. She questions the benefits of Bikram Choudhury’s belief in challenging physical capabilities, and places responsibility on both instructors and students to avoid physical harm during class.

In my opinion, however, only when we stop referring to Bikram as yoga will we truly prevent students from risking the health and well-being of their minds and bodies in the “torture chamber.”

Check this out for yourselves: Bikram Yoga: the bad and the ugly. And report back.




2 thoughts on “The Bikram bashing continues

  1. Love your post. You will be pleased to know that he’s now developed his very own range of nutrition supplements (I guess he wants to have a patent on those, too) πŸ˜‰
    Am already dreading the massive marketing campaign that must now follow…

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