Brought to you by some very sexy strawberries

Who else is obsessed with Brit’s new single, Criminal? I for one, have been blasting it a lot, especially yesterday as I commandeered the kitchen and whipped up some more goodies from How Sweet it Is.

In honor of a relaxing evening of food and girl talk, my friends and I planned last night, I ransacked How Sweet it Is for some fun, uncomplicated, and nourishing recipes. The theme of my cooking/baking spree quickly became strawberries. As soon as I came across Strawberry Cupcakes and Fresh Mozzarella and Marinated Strawberry Salad, I simply could not deny myself or my friends these delicacies.

I absolutely reveled in baking these strawberry cupcakes. The smooth, fluffy, sweet, pink batter seduced my senses and reminded me that working with food in the kitchen is a truly primal, sensual experience. Of course, these pictures hardly do my cupcakes justice. Let me assure you, however, that these babies would warm your heart, bring tears to your eyes, and infuse you with an unyielding feeling of goodness.

Check it.

Aren’t they sexy? I for one, am turned on.

After my steamy tryst with cupcakes, I cooled down by preparing and modifying the Fresh Mozzarella and Marinated Strawberry Salad. A time crunch precluded me from marinating the strawberries in balsamic vinegar and sugar for an hour, but I still loved slicing and including them in my spring mix. The green and red colors really exalted each other-a delight for the mouth AND the eyes. Plus, this recipe works well as a meal, as it incorporates protein-packed ingredients such as chopped mozzarella and walnuts.

All of my toppings sank to the bottom of the bowl (which speaks to my salad-tossing skills, or lack thereof), so I had to photograph my final product like this to capture it’s beauty.

Somewhat better:

I dressed it with a balsamic vinaigrette from Trader Joe’s, but the salad still lacked a flavorful punch. This is most likely because I neglected to actually marinate the strawberries in the Fresh Mozzarella and Marinated Strawberry Salad. However, I think that this dish nicely complemented our girl’s night menu.

I’ve expressed this sentiment multiple times, but I truly love making food for others. I relish in nurturing people I love with whole ingredients that make them feel good.

I wish I could more clearly articulate how much satisfaction I reap from cooking for others and why, but I have no words. I blame the awesomely intense yoga class I attended this morning.


2 thoughts on “Brought to you by some very sexy strawberries

    • Thank you very much! I had a lot of fun making them. The recipe called for a coconut frosting, but I just left them plain because 1) I felt like the cupcakes tasted sweet as they were and 2) I didn’t feel like making frosting 🙂

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