Taking it like a champ

One of the benefits of interning for a wellness company includes not only receiving a free education about how to best nourish and move the body, but also getting free samples of kooky supplements that your boss got from a raw food convention.

From the left we have a vegan chocolate protein powder, chlorella tablets, two jars of supplements that I don’t understand, and powdered greens. Apparently, you just drink a scoopful or two of this stuff in some kind of drink, such as a smoothie. My boss tells me that dissolving one of these into a water alone tastes pretty bad and will surely turn people off from incorporating a powdered supplement into their health routine.

Yesterday, after my solo yoga class, I tried the Warrior Food chocolate protein powder with my green smoothie. Fortunately, I could barely taste it over the flavor of my spinach and pear. While my drink took on a grainy texture, I liked consuming some healthy protein in an easy way. Dig the chocolate protein powder.

This morning, I sprinkled some of this into my smoothie:

Wow did this guy pack a punch. My smoothie took on a chalky texture, fish food smell, and pretty gross taste. But I downed the whole damn thing. I refused to waste the produce I blended. Plus, I felt so compelled to devour my smoothie because this powder is so miraculous. Vitamineral Green is basically a massive amount of greens from the land and water, along with bunch of enzymes.  It contains organic greens such as dulse kelp, and carob pod that I don’t regularly consume or have access to (or really understand). Therefore, I felt like I owed it to my body to slam this therapeutic substance.

After I gulped down everything in that blender in a matter of seconds, I felt all strong and dominant. Infused with the magical power of green vegetables, algae, and enzymes, nothing can stop me…not even this pesky writing sample for grad school apps.


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