And we’re back

Much apologies for my extended hiatus from blogging. Actually, I’d say that my time away from College Kid Yoga was less of a hiatus and more of an unintentional, though unfortunate neglect for my blog. I attribute my lack of regular posts to a sad, stressful change in my job, the intensity of my grad school applications, varying degrees of trauma that plagued some of my family and friends, and just plain laziness.

However, with renewed motivation, or rather with the obvious realization that my readership will not increase if I fail to generate actual content, I aim to blog more consistently.

I know that ALL of you excitedly await the details of what I’ve done with myself these past few weeks. Alright, alright I’ll throw you a bone.

During October, I….

Purchased exceptionally stylish and economical riding boots:

Prepared Layered Autumn Quinoa Salad, courtesy of my latest obsession in the blogosphere: How Sweet It Is:

Baked Pumpkin Cupcakes for a friend’s birthday, a la How Sweet It Is:

Visited my cousin at the University of Michigan (Madonna’s old stomping grounds…for like 2 years):


Picked and carved pumpkins:

Celebrated Halloween, in which I dressed as an 80s girl (I like to think I channeled Madonna with my various crucifixes,  the tights I tied in my hair, and the unapologetic, disarming attitude I adopted for the evening):

Attended various yoga classes:

While I experienced many more highlights (and some low-lights) throughout October, I sadly neglected to document them. Looking at these pictures reminds me that good things and pure love surround us all of the time-we just need to vacate the drama and stress in our lives  for a few minutes to notice them.


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