What the Heck is Planking?

While “planking” seems like it refers to something we do on the yoga mat, this kooky fad has nothing to do with holding a push-up position, contending and breathing through discomfort, and building rock star abs.

Sigh, the world’s obsession with showcasing the fortitude we can muster when contorting our bodies in odd and dangerous ways disturbs and exhausts me. However, the formal rules, number of fatalities, and extensive media coverage of “the lying down game” render planking a significant meme in society. So, I view planking with a discerning, yet intrigued eye.

Check out this humorous and somewhat opinionated blog post about planking from NonDiet.com. Warning: this article predisposes readers to an attitude about our investment in planking, so read with an open, critical mind. Most of all, enjoy a dalliance with one of the strangest fads currently trending in the world.

Plank Pose:


How do I feel about planking?

What are YOUR thoughts on this planking thing?


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